Monday, October 29, 2012


We are a home-based business offering great benefits for our local-area customers over shopping via the Internet, and we wanted to make you aware of them.
No price surprises. Internet shopping often lures customers with initial low prices that sound great until they suddenly increase with all the add-on charges into something much costlier. At Creativity On, you’ll know all the costs up front. No unwelcome surprises. You’ll also be pleased to discover how good our prices are.
See and feel. A great advantage is that we offer you stitch-out samples of embroidery. Check them out before mass production begins. See them, feel them. If need be, tweak the design to perfection. This definitely builds confidence when you’re in charge of ordering a large quantity. Sure, we provide close-up photos for our out-of-town clients, but there’s no substitute for seeing the real deal exactly as it will be embroidered.
Try it on, try it out. When shopping for large garment orders, customers often like to see a sample item. We facilitate that; try on a sample and order with confidence. Ordering online is often a guessing game.
Shipping options. Shopping locally improves on delivery options that make it more of a bargain. Save on shipping costs by picking up finished orders. (We also deliver.) This strategy also avoids unforeseen shipping delays.

Help is near. If you have any problems with anything you purchase from us, you know where we are. Call us. When you deal on the Internet with a provider you don’t know, you can never be sure if and how quickly they’ll honor their guarantees.
Re-orders and fill-ins. When you shop with us, re-ordering is a snap. We keep extensive notes on all orders we produce, so when we’re told “do it like last time,” we can look it up. We’re also just a call away for ordering an extra item not included in your initial order, such as if you get a new team member or need a different size.
Personal service. Besides all that, we simply love doing what we do. When you shine, we shine. You’ll notice by the questions we ask and the procedures we follow that our ultimate goal is to please you.

Monday, October 22, 2012


As we jump into autumn we’ll soon jump into chillier weather, which means it’s a great time to think about logo-branded sweatshirts for your business or personal wear. Are you ready for the change in temperatures?
Branding is especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurial pursuits. It helps establish your credibility, your sense of permanence, and it amplifies your sense of style. It also promotes your business and invites inquiries while you are out and about.

For example, someone might see you wearing the hoodie pictured above and ask, “What is Rocky Mountain?” That would be your entry into a conversation that could lead to one or more new clients.
You might already have embroidered t-shirts or polo shirts to promote your business, but you shouldn’t cover your logo over during colder weather. We have many styles of sweatshirts (hoodies, full, quarter-zip, full-zip) and jackets from which to choose. To see what we offer, visit our Catalogs page, choose a catalog to view, and start shopping.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to promote your company, school, team, club or organization. Let us manufacture your custom patches and get the high quality look of direct embroidery without the high cost. It is not necessary to submit professional artwork. Send us your sketch, letterhead, business card, picture, or sample embroidered patch. With your confirmed order we will manufacture a sample of your custom patch for approval. Only after you approve your sample pre-production patch will we move forward with your embroidered patch order. We take pride in the quality of our embroidery patches and will use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Promoting a company or cause is not as simple is one would think. Because of the expensive rates in advertisement, both in broadcast and print media, many individuals find it difficult to promote their company within the limitations of their budget. However, the expansion of today’s technology enabled many to successfully promote their businesses without breaking their personal piggy banks. This is possible with the use of custom embroidery. If you want to know more about this method, this article will discuss it in detail. You will also understand why you should seriously consider embroidery as a promotional strategy. But first, you need to understand what customized embroidery is.
Briefly, custom embroidery is a method to print out logos into a piece of clothing. As a result, you will be getting embroidered polo shorts, tradeshow shirts, and customized shirts with your logo. This was possible because of the computer-controlled sewing machine that follows the design of your logo. With the use of different colored threads, your logo will come to life into your business shirts or uniform shirts. Now that you know the gist behind this technology, you should now consider the following reasons why this method can help you promote your product.
  • Your brand says and sells it all, which means if no one knows your logo, you will have trouble getting sales. This is actually the main reason why many companies use advertisements. They want their brands to be acknowledged. By using embroidery, you are doing the same thing. Since your company’s logo will be stitched in each set of embroidered apparel that you prefer, you will end up having numerous promotion aids. By simply wearing a fleece with logo, you would already advertise your name.
  • This method is also a good way to make the most out of your workers: you can make them your own advertisers. If you will be using embroidered uniforms, everyone will know your company’s brand. If many of your workers travel or commute, the logo in their shirts will surely be seen by a lot of people. In no time, you might need to get your customer service centre because of the volume of your new customers.
  • Using custom embroidery is also a good way to cut off some expenses in your giveaways. For example, in your company parties, you can use some embroidered jackets or logo hats as gifts. If you want, you can also use these items as your promotional merchandise for the public. Not only will you be able to control the expenses in such events. You will also be able to make everyone in your workforce your company advertisers.
  • The good thing about using customized shirts is this: Everyone can wear them. In that case, you make everyone your own advertisers. Why not limit yourself to your employees? For example, you can use some embroidered hats as freebies whenever a customer bought your product for a particular price. You can also use such promotional items as incentives for those who were using your services for quite some time already. In effect, you are hitting two birds with one stone. While keeping your customers happy, you are also making them promote your product. Who knows? They might even bring in a fresh new wave of customers for your company.
  • Using business shirts with your company’s logo will also help create a presence for your company. As you might have noticed, many are buying branded clothes, appliances and gadgets simply because their name. If you want your company’s logo to have the same effect, you should increase the popularity of your logo first. This would be best accomplished by using embroidered clothing pieces. As you get the attention of many through the use of embroidered logos, you will be able to create a curiosity in your target market.
  • If you would do a price comparison, the use of embroidery is a much cheaper alternative than the usual advertising methods. As a budding company, allotting a big amount of your budget in promotion might not be a very good idea. Besides, you can use it to improve the quality of your products and services. Choosing embroidered clothing to promote your product would suffice already. If you get an increase of customers because of this technique, you would have saved a lot. By starting your way small, you can end up doing your business in a larger scale – say nationwide. However, right now, using custom embroidery will be enough to satisfy your promotional endeavours

If you want to have further proofs on the effectiveness of logo embroidery, you should research on what other companies has to say. Better yet, why not try it yourself? Buy a bulk set of these promotional items and see how it would affect your business. When a positive growth is observed, make it your own promotional strategy.