Friday, November 23, 2012

The Many Benefits Of Embroidered Patches Compared To Direct Embroidery

When deciding to purchase embroidered patches, it is only natural to consider the possibility of direct embroidery. When purchasers do their homework, they inevitably decide upon embroidered patches. Here are six consistent reasons that consumers opt for embroidery patches.

1. Expense - Embroidered patches are far less expensive than direct embroidery. High stitch count designs are only affordable with embroidered patches. New computerized design and sewing technologies have served to reduce manufacturing costs.

2. Versatility - Embroidered patches can be easily applied to pants, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, caps and just about any other form of clothing. Additionally, embroidered patches can be purchase with an iron on backing which is very useful as quick applicable promotional piece.

3. Prominence - With features like glow-in-the-dark and 3 Dimensional options and with today's computerized design process, embroidered patches truly stand out more than directly embroidered images.

4. Puckerless - Directly embroidered images tend to gap and pucker with repeated washing. Embroidered patches can withstand the cleaning and drying cycle without a change in appearance.

5. Collectible - Many embroidered patches have become collectors' items. If your organization is building an image, this is the response you want.

6. Fashion - Patches are in! Look around. PBS did a series on the "Patch Pop Culture." Today's companies, individuals and groups are making fashion statements with embroidered patches. Show your creative personality and design your own embroidered patch.

It is very easy to apply embroidered patches to articles of clothing or caps.

1. Stick on - Simply peel the backing and apply to a piece of clothing. This non-permanent option allows the user to remove the patch and apply to another article of clothing. Pressure adhesive patches can be sewn on after use.

2. Iron on - Heat seal backing allows embroidered patches to be ironed onto clothing and caps for a permanent, secure hold. This application can be accomplished by the individual or by a dry cleaner in juts minutes. Heat seal backing allows for precise positioning of the embroidered patch.

3. Sew on - Despite the other options, sewing on the embroidered patch, sewing the patch on is the most popular form of attachment. Sewing provides permanence, proper positioning and the option of easy removal down the road. Today's sturdy patches can be removed and sewn back on another garment without problems.

4. Rip on - Velcro can be applied to the back of the patch. Velcro provides instant application and easy removal. However, it is the least secure option but is re-usable.

5. Hot Cut - Custom patches also give you the look and feel of direct embroidery without the exorbitant costs associated with it. When you Hot Cut a patch to the shape of the design there is no extra material or merrowed edges.

With the many benefits of embroidered patches compared to direct embroidery and with the flexible application options, individual and business consumers are relying on patches to deliver their message. Make the smart choice and check out which embroidered patch is best for your use.

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  1. It is really a great list of benefits for embroidery patches. An embroidered patch is a piece of art which is created by using a fabric backing thread and some form of a needle. It is not like the whole embroidery on a cloth.